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Koh Phangan was once synonymous with backpacking. Made famous by films like ‘The Beach’ Koh Phangan featured on the well-trodden route of those backpacking through South East Asia.

However in more recent years, Koh Phangan has seen the rise of the phenomenon of ‘flash-packing’.

Usually a slightly older group, these are the more discerning travellers who want the luxury of a villa, apartment or condo and want the laid back lifestyle but with all the trappings of modern life including wifi and air con. Packed in their rucksacks are i-pods, laptops, speakers, cameras and go-pros. They are tech-savy and media savy. They have done their research and know the best villas on the island, the best restaurants to go to, where to get the best som tam and who does the best massage on the island.

Also, with the arrival of luxury villas and luxury apartments and condos on the island, Koh Phangan has increasing accommodation options for the flash packer.

With improved internet access there are an increasing number of people who are choosing Koh Phangan as their place of work for a couple of months a year, to escape the winter in their home country. The apartments, condos and units offer those global travellers who are able to work from their laptop, flexible accommodation and a chance to own a foothold in paradise. They can stay in the villas or apartments when they choose but as they are fully managed the units are easy to lock up and leave, with low maintenance charges. Otherwise they can choose to rent out the apartments or luxury villas out when they are not in on the island, which provides a good rental yield.